In a Mat class the whole body is trained without equipment. The exercises are focused on flexibility, strength, coordination and breathing. The deep muscles are activated and strengthened. We move with smooth transitions through a series of Pilates exercises. After the class you will feel longer, stronger and energized.


Barre Workout

Inspired by the ballet exercises performed by dancers at the ballet barre, with influences from Yoga and Pilates, the Barre lesson is a spirited workout that guarantees beautiful tight legs, buttocks and stomach and good posture and stretch. A perfect addition for those who want a little more focus on the buttocks and legs. Join in and ‘feel the Barre burn’.



In a Reformer class the whole body is trained using the classic Reformer. Working with the Reformer adds resistance and a moving element to the training. The Reformer will challenge you, make you stronger and help you to work deeper into your body. Balance, coordination, strength and flexibility – a Reformer class is always a challenging full-body workout.



At the Tower you work with a diversity of springs and resistance. The arms and legs work directly with the springs making you work deep in your core. You work on improving your alignment, strength, muscle definition and flexibility. It is a very versatile, dynamic, powerful but above all fun training! It is a wonderful total body- strengthening workout without stress on your weights.


Privé training

Each session is personalized to your body’s needs, condition and your specific focus and goals – that is Pilates Private Training. We work with all Pilates equipment, and each session is written on your body. Duet sessions (2 persons) are also possible.
Private Training sessions are by appointment.