What is pilates?

Pilates is a movement method that consists of exercises performed on a mat or with the help of specially developed exercise equipment.
The Pilates method is aimed at stretching, strengthening and balancing the entire body. Pilates is a real workout that unites body and mind and creates a streamlined appearance with strong and tight abdominal muscles, supple supple muscles and a beautiful posture.

Who is pilates for?

Practicing Pilates is not tied to age and in principle also not to physical limitations because the exercises are adapted to the condition, experience and possibilities of each individual.
Pilates is for everyone, from top athlete to non-athlete. It is a well-balanced method that is based on respect for the body and is not stressful to the back.


– Pilates promotes strength, agility and coordination of the body;
– You deepen your breathing and feel energetic;
– You get a flat stomach, supple back and flexible joints;
– Your body becomes beautiful in a natural way, your muscles come into balance and you feel longer and lighter;
– You become aware of your body, improve your posture and you can relax more easily.